Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trying to Grow Up

Just recently I realized that I need to do things on my own rather than waiting for people to make decision for me. I always depend on older people or more experienced ones like my older sister or my friends. Its time to handle things my way.

It seems that its rather late to finally have my own identity or personality. Well, its better now than never. There are some things that occured lately that made me realized I don't act my age. I know I can never give up my love fo manga or anime, despite how people think its a child's play. But that's an another issue, anime and manga was made for teens and young adults, not little kids.

I'm thinking how do adults handle things? Do they go through it over conflicts like fighting with friends or discuss things over face to face or maybe just ignore the issue and go straight to the next one. I did all of that. Sometimes it works, most of it dont. Is this a process of growing up? When I'm tired of facing problems, I just felt like packing my bags and go for a vacation (except the fact that the only place I can afford to go to is either to my mom's or dad's place - which I don't think I can get a peace of mind either). Though there is a part of me that wanted to crush the things around me and tell people to buzz off, I stick my foot on the ground and take it to my face knowing that if I run, the problems will come after me. So, does that make me a grown up then?

There are a lot of things in life that I cant quite figure out yet because in still in the middle of learning. Yes, life is a process of learning and I do it by making mistakes. Mistakes are good, but only if we learn by not making the same ones over and over. I want to act like how people my age are supposed to but only because suits me not because I suit it. Being a teenager is hard, I haven't completed the stage yet, but learning on how to be a better young adult will prepare me for the challenges and obstacles in life. I guess its ok if I'm not as mature as other people or I dont act my age, as long as what I learn now will guide my through my life. So, I wont try to grow up, but I will learn on how to be a grown up ^^v

Monday, April 6, 2009

Posting 6: Quest of Questions...

Age: Nothing to hide, I'm 20 going on 21

Tutorial Group: 3

Lecturer: Associate professor Dr. Datin Norizan Abd. Razak

Do you enjoy Blogging: Yes and No. Yes is because I love writing and I like surfing the net therefore I can do both with blogging. The reason I say no is because some of the posting in my blog is academic based which actually I'm not 100% against it. Its just some of the tasks are too hard and I dont have much interest it.

Benefit of Blogging: Dont know where to start. Based on my experience, there are quite a lot. I have been practicing my writing here as well as few other websites. I can tell my writing has improved. At the same time, I'm practicing the speed of my writing and its really fun to type fast. I'm also able to use English frequent when blogging since most of the websites on line used commands in English. All in all, blogging is good ^^v

Do you need more assistance?: Nopety nope. I think I'm pretty much keeping it simple as possible. However, there are some sections that I need to try out and sometimes need a friend to teach me on how to use it.

Memorable/Favorite topic: Hmm...dont think I have any...One thing though, I love all the title of my postings. (Not to brag or anything) I think the titles of my postings so far is one of a kind compared to my other fellow coursemates ^^. Whats more, every posting title has it own catch phrase and a picture that is symbolic to it ^^v

Advantages: I mentioned above, improve my writing, improve my English command, opportunities to express oneself etc, etc...

Disadvantages: Not really...

Continuing blogging: Most definitely! I always wanted to start blogging. This is just the jumpstart. I will keep on writing (but mainly on the topics I'm interestic in, maybe no more academic stuff but hard to say for now) I hope I have time to manage!

Blogging improve writing?: Yuppies!

Blogging for the next batch: I vote YES! I know some of the tasks are hard, but its a part of the learning process. I think it should be continued for the next batch who will be taking this course.

Recommend blogging: I'll help them to set up their blogs if I have to! Blogging is fun, everyone (who have lots to say) should create their own blog!

So there we go, the end of the sixth posting...I have fun this time ^^v