Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Confession of an Animeholic

Before I start with my reviews on the anime DVDs, I think I should start with a little bit of my anime history. To begin with, I was a late bloomer (hoho, in anime that is). Back when my friends were obsessed with Naruto, Saiyuki and other anime, I was still interested with kiddies stuff like Crayon Shin Chan (still am), Doraemon, and Mojako. But I was always into Japanese stuff. I love the language, the food and also the culture. Up until I was 16, the number of anime that Ive watched can be counted with only one hand.

Which anime caught my eye? Rurouni Kenshin! That was when I accidentally switched on the television and couldn't get my eyes off of it. From then on, I never missed any episodes. Gradually, I begin to love the anime songs. I remembered when a friend of mine who had long into anime before I did said to me through the phone; "If you starting to like the anime songs, you'll fall in love with the anime soon". And she was right. Ever since that day, my love (or some people would put it harshly as 'addiction') had increased rapidly. I love reading manga, watching anime and listen to the anime songs.

So far I have collected at least 40 anime series and at least 60 manga in less than 3 years. In total, I have spent more than RM700 to buy all the DVDs that was in the posting before. And here's the catch, I bought it all with my own money!!! Never once I borrowed from anybody (accept the fact that my money was the allowances I get monthly >.<>

Some people might think I'm weird or stupid or anything (and they can have their own opinion) but I think my investment on those stuff is worth it. Why do I say so? When people think anime is for kids, well they're not. The content are not really suitable for kids under 13 and some contents are only suitable for those over 18. Depending on the genre of the anime, it can really change our mod. Sometimes when I watch an anime, I was laughing at the first part of the series and cry at the ending. Though its just animation and merely fantasy, anime can leave a big impact on people, not just me. So shed the shallow minded thoughts about anime and try watching one. I suggest to start watching the lighter genre with daily life drama background like Ghost Hunt, Itazura na Kiss or Slam Dunk!

I don't think I will stop loving anime in the near future. Anime had been a great help for me when I needed to relax and have fun. I do go out with friends and soend time with my family. despite the claim that I am an otaku (people who have no life other than indulging themselves with anime and manga). I didn't fail any subjects (so far) even though I spend my waking ours thinking about anime. I memorized all hiragana (Japanese alphabets) thanks to watching anime and I can also understand a little Japanese. If someone think that anime is a total waste, they are totally wrong.


Anonymous said...

*nods nods*

indulging in anime doesn't mean that you'll fail in life, ne? i disagree with some stereotypical comments coming from narrow-minded people who says that anime is "melalaikan" and that it'll affect your life negatively. i disagree with that.

i mean, yes, i admit that there are certain animes that are pretty, er, unsuitable but if you look at the bright side, by indulging into animes, you'd be able to learn 3rd language, ne? i mean, the first jap word i learned was "USO!" and that was from SailorMoon! so you see, japanese language is pretty easy to pick up once you're used to listening to it!

tea drops said...

so da yo ne! thanks for agreeing with me...although when i was still ignorant about anime, i never thought that anime otaku r weird or they dont have life. come on, there r also moral values in anime...genres aside, all r trying to deliver its own message

green valley said...